SenSelpha      a Sense of Self
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SenSelpha is a new capital-growth company that has been fertilized and incubated within The TETRAD Group. This exciting company employs a directed plan to move select biomedical and informatics technologies into the marketplace serving both individual consumers and corporate/institutional customers and partners. We operate now in the fast-paced world of "IoT" (Internet of Things) and "wearable tech", but we do it from foundations in clinical medicine and well-grounded, proven, demonstrated, world-standard scientific research.

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Company Mission and Product Introduction

The Company's flagship entry product, its first that is now presently on the market, includes a special handheld, smartphone-sized device along with a suite of apps and knowledge base resources. Our AOA device, developed through multi-national government-funded R&D and support from the private sector (The TETRAD Group family of companies), is compact, lightweight, low cost, extraordinarily easy to use, and robustly reliable.

We do in the palm of your hand, and in the home, or on the farm or in the winery or brewery, what others cannot do real-time, conveniently, and which otherwise requires special labs or sending samples to outsiders. We answer concerns of testing QA/QC, LIMS, cost-effectiveness, and very importantly, ease of use.

Along with analytical, interpretive, and personalized tools provided by explanatory, advisory and predictive software, the SenSOX product employs the pQoin architecture (from TetraDyn Ltd.) and a full complement of AOA (anti-oxidant analysis) capabilities. These address many conditions, situations, dispositions, and risks pertaining directly and implicitly to a variety of diseases, disorders, and inbalance, in both human subjects and in foods, beverages, cosmetics, and other ingestibles and consumer-usable materials.

Besides the SenSOX products and apps we have more coming out, sooner than later. These products from SenSelpha all involve sensing, detecting, measuring, and forecasting based upon different chemicals and biological measurements that can be done without even so much as a skin-prick, completely non-invasively. In our "Brains Portfolio" are several very bright physicians and scientists, all teamed together within our Extended Family of The TETRAD Group.

Contact us to Learn More about Oxidative Stress, Anti-Oxidants and Health

SenSelpha - from alpha-AOA and the desktop and basic portable, moving to pQoin-based AOA sensing, measurement and analysis

SenSelpha      a Sense of Self
(new website forthcoming soon)

For those who want to read more medical and technical material on the SenSOX and Oxidative Stress/Anti-Oxidants in Medicine and Healthcare:  
Some recent publications by TetraDyn Tech Team

For a brief listing of forthcoming SenSelpha technologies, contact us and request the white paper:

"Windows into SenSelpha Apps and Devices for Healthy Lives and Lifestyles"

Antimicrobial BioProtection for Surfaces, Textiles, and other materials - buildings, equipment, instruments, tools, and for many consumer products

Antimicrobial BioProtection - IQBioProt

(Developed initially within TetraDyn Ltd. and now a part of the SenSelpha business unit of The TETRAD Group)

Contact SenSelpha:

Dr. M. J. Dudziak

+1 (202) 415-7295

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